Ellie Tragakes

Ph.D., M.Soc.Sc., B.A.


Ellie Tragakes wrote the widely acclaimed textbook 'Economics for the IB Diploma' during her tenure as Chief Examiner for IB Economics. This book is now thoroughly revised to meet the requirements of the new syllabus for first examinations in 2013. The book reflects her strong academic background in Economics, her many years of teaching the subject, as well as her extensive work and research experience.

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Experience with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Ellie Tragakes served as Chief Examiner for IB Economics during the period September 2007 to August 2009. In addition to marking and setting examination papers, she was involved in the curriculum review for the new syllabus (for first examinations in May 2013). She is currently a Senior IB examiner.

Educational Background

University of Maryland
(College Park, Maryland)
University of Birmingham
(United Kingdom)
Barnard College, Columbia University
(New York)

Teaching experience

Ellie Tragakes is Adjunct Professor of Economics at the American College of Greece, where she has been teaching since 1996. She teaches Economic principles (Micro and Macro), Health Economics and Economic Development.

Other professional experience

Ellie Tragakes has worked in various organizations, including:

  • World Health Organization (Copenhagen, Denmark; on a variety of health system projects)
  • Hafnia Holding/Hafnia Capital Bank (Copenhagen, Denmark; on European financial services)
  • World Bank (Washington, D.C.; on agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa)
  • US Department of Agriculture (Washington, D.C.; on US-EU agricultural trade relations)
  • Institute of Economic and Industrial Research (Athens, Greece; on impacts of Greece's membership in the European Economic Community)

Author of the textbook
'Economics for the IB Diploma', second edition

ISBN 978-0-521-18640-7

Ellie Tragakes has written a textbook entitled 'Economics for the IB Diploma', published by Cambridge University Press. Designed for class use and independent study, the text offers a thoroughly international perspective and an in-depth analysis of all topics covered in the IB syllabus, at both Standard and Higher Levels.

The second edition of the book is accompanied by a CD-ROM that includes exam questions modeled on the new guide for first exams in 2013, a chapter on Quantitative techniques and additional material. The publisher also provides a website that can be accessed free of charge, with markschemes and answers to questions.

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  • The table of contents
  • A sample chapter, 'Macroeconomic objectives II: Economic growth and equity in the distribution of income'

Research experience

Ellie Tragakes has over forty professional publications, many of these in the area of health systems, health system financing and reforms. See examples of her publications here.